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Will Call Of Duty Ghosts Save The Series?

I’m a big fan of the Call Of Duty (COD) series ever since Call Of Duty 2 came out. Since then I have played them all on PC. But if you follow the stories as I do you may be aware that COD has had its roadblocks that have made loyal players wonder if they should even bother with the next version. Sure COD continues to sell copies at record pace but the love for the game seems to be slowing down ever since Activision, the creator of the COD series, decided to make some changes that forever ruined the game, at least in my opinion.

One of the things that made the game so awesome to play was the dedicated servers. Servers that were controlled by people as opposed to the creators of the game as they are today. With control over their servers the owners could set the rules as they pleased. Certain guns could be restricted, the speed of the game could be changed and even the number of players could be altered. This allowed for unique servers and game styles that extended the life of the game.

Another thing that made this game awesome was the fact that new maps could be added thru 3rd party creators, people who would use map editor software to create new, awesome maps that added to the fun. And best of all it was all free. But it seems this is what Activision didn’t like as they knew they had to get a piece of that pie because, unlike the PC version, console versions of this game depended on the maps created by Activision and people were willing to pay for extra maps in order to extend the life of the game. So, they went off to change Call Of Duty on PC to be more like its console counterpart. This is where Call Of Duty’s awesomeness began to fade into the game we have today where people buy it because of their fanatism of the series but eventually realize that the game is simply a copy of previous games with new textures, a few half-baked new features, a new storyline and expensive downloadable content DLC that you need in order to get new maps.

The experience was ruined when people realized that by the time the next version of the game came out they had already spent between $45 and $75 extra on DLC on top of the $60 the game cost. And only to get new maps which some people would eventually find boring and lame.

The game was once awesome when the players were in control but Activision got greedy and wanted to control every aspect of the game and thus COD’s fame has bee eroding ever since. Now Activision’s next version, Call Of Duty Ghost, faces all of these issues and likely new ones considering Black Ops 2, the latest version, has been somewhat of a failure, even if it has sold in record numbers. I should know since I own every copy and my 14 year old son already stopped playing it because of how lame it is and has since gone back to the previous version Modern Warfare 3 on his Playstation 3. I have been playing Modern Warfare 2 ever after acquiring the other versions because while it was where the disaster started its where most players are these days. And thanks to a group called Four Delta One the life of MW2 has been extended with the dedicated servers the game didn’t have.

I hope the next version of COD does well because I like the game and would hate for it to go away. But COD has some serious competition out there. Battlefield 3 has been a big hit and Battlefield 4 is expected to be even better.


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