Friday, May 25, 2012

Men In Black 3 – Time Travel Will Smith Style

Looks like Will Smith can’t stay out of the spot light thanks to that reporter who tried to get some lip but ended up getting a mild smack down from Will. Of course it’s what he wants cause it’s good for him.

Today we get to see his latest sequel to one of his best movies made, Men In Black 3 where he has to go back in time and work with a younger version of Agent K. Now most people know sequels tend to do somewhat poorly the higher the sequel number goes although Men In Black II was actually pretty good. I expect this 3 installment to do somewhat good since it’s Will Smith after all but I don’t expect it to be the greatest movie this year and I don’t even expect it to knock The Avengers out of it’s top spot this weekend either. But it does go to show that even though the economy is still in shambles and people are still broke, piracy has not exploded as people are still paying (or overpaying in my opinion) to watch movies in the theaters and paying for extremely overprices popcorn and soda. Just look at The Avengers breaking records and taking numbers and I bet Men In Black 3 will do pretty good too.

Once I get a chance to watch it I’ll drop a review.


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