Monday, July 16, 2012

Oversensitivity vs Consideration – Who needs to be the better person?

If you’re a gamer like me you may have notice how hard it is to play a game without having someone consistently curse and say stupid things in their mic or thru in-game msg. Some people simply ignore them, others mute them but there are those who get offended by some of the words used when cursing and insulting others either because they died “unfairly” or they killed you and want to brag about it.

This argument has 2 sides and each, I believe, makes a good point. But which one is right?
On the one hand we have the oversensitive people. the ones who get offended to easy even from the silliest of insults, comments and cursing. While it’s understandable to be upset if you are called something like gay or stupid; is it necessary for them to actually listen to it? Is it necessary for them to take the comments so seriously? You do have the ability to mute the person’s mic and you can always leave the game or you can always ignore them and move on. There are times it seemed silly that some people would get offended even from something as stupid as “I nailed you” considering this can imply a sexual action and can also give the impression of being gay. Of course this is taking it to the extreme but some actually do this.

On the other hand we have those who are inconsiderate, they actually mean to be insulting and sometimes actually mean the words they use. I can understand the adrenaline rush that comes with playing FPS games like Call Of Duty and the frustration of thinking you have the upper hand only to get killed due to so dumb luck move or lame team mates that you either bash the other players because you kicked their asses or because you lost. Is it really necessary for them to be so abusive either way? Do they ever consider the people playing with them such as younger children who may not be fully aware of the definition of some of these words like raped, fucked, tea bagged and mother fucker. Children who start thinking it’s ok to say it because everyone else online does. Sure, the parents should pay more attention and perhaps should not even allow them to play, that doesn’t take away ones responsibility to be careful what what comes out of our mouth.

So we have to wonder. Who’s right or wrong here? The one who is too sensitive or the one who is inconsiderate? What do you think?

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