Thursday, November 10, 2011

Time to revive the question, is Google+ a Facebook killer?

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We all remember when Google+ first came out the big question back then was “Is Google+ a Facebook killer?” and for a while many spent a lot of time trying to prove that Google+ would not stand a chance against the all mighty Facebook, even posting these comments right on Google+.

But now it has been several months now and Google+ has had many upgrades made to it such expanded search, sharable circles, games and most recently Pages. Facebook has since been constantly updating their site adding new features and changing others in a dash to keep up with the Google+ hype. More often than not I heard complaints about how some people did not like the changes, how their screens looked more cluttered and to make matters worse several privacy issues stories started coming out overshadowing some of these upgrades.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Google+ is not currently in any position to overthrow Facebook, but there is no denying that although the hype is somewhat gone, it continues to grow and many of those who at first found little interest in Google+ due to lack of people in their circles are slowly getting the hang of it. The problem was (and still is) simple, the whole debate over whether Google+ was a Facebook killer confused people making them think Google+ was just another Facebook when in reality it was much more than that. I’ll explain:

Facebook is mostly used by people who want to have close connections on a personal level with family and “friends”. They wouldn’t normally add some random stranger because this would give them access to more personal things that they would not normally share outside their family and friend circles (pun intended).

Twitter is mostly used by people who want to share things with everyone else by allowing anyone to follow them while picking who to follow at their choice. It’s meant more for getting the word out to a larger audience and not so much for chatting.

Google+brings the best of both worlds. It gives you Twitters ability to get the word out to everyone interested in hearing it while also allowing you to share with specific people on a more personal level like on Facebook. It’s kinda like having your cake and eating it too.

So in a way all 3 Social Media sites are similar but Google+ has a better chance to shine more in essence possibly dethrone Facebook or at least create a whole new kingdom where people can own a home on each side and travel back and forth to. Why? Well again, it’s simple. Facebook is just that, Facebook, a Social Media site, some of it’s newer features were thru connections with other third party software such as Skype. Google+ on the other hand is not just Google+, it’s also Gmail, Google Reader, Google Voice, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Chat, Google Maps, Picasa, Picnik, Youtube and even Blogger.

Little by little Google is integrating all its apps and services making it a seamless pleasure to go from one to another or to access them from within other apps or services. Google Docs and Youtube can be access from Hangouts, Google Reader articles and Youtube videos can be shared directly to Google+, Picasa, Picnik, Google Maps and Google+ all work together. And best of all they are all connected to Gmail. I look forward to having my Blogger be connected to my Google+ profile.

So after spending so much time on Google+, making “friends”, getting to know people, expanding my techno-knowledge and more, I find myself asking this question once again. Is Google+ a Facebook killer?
My answer? Yes, at least for me. As of a few weeks ago I created a new Facebook account in which I requested as friends only a small handful of family and friends to be on my list because not only was my old account cluttered with boring posts and hardly-active people, but I had lost so much control of it that it was easier to start over than clean up the account. Once I am happy I have those I am interested on having on my list I will kill the original account and let everyone know why. Then I can spend more time on Google+ while only having to check Facebook on occasions and thanks to some Google Chrome extensions I can do that with little effort and my time on Facebook will be just to have a small sense of connection between family and friends not on Google+ yet, once they are one here too, then Facebook will have something to worry about.

What about you/. has Google+ become the cause of you Facebook account quick or slow death?