Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lets try a crazy experiment. Do you dare to share your voice on my Google Voice?

I've got a crazy idea. Just for the fun of it and see if anyone is crazy enough to try it, I would like to share my Google Voice number on here and see who would be daring enough to call the number and leave some kind of msg ( a clean one please, LOL, would like to share it). Hoping they would also let me know who's the person leaving the msg from Google+ so I can share the msg here with their name for everyone to hear. Why not? It's crazy and funny.

Would anyone dare call and leave a msg and allow me to share it? I'll make sure to put your name on it so people can find you as well. What say you? Here’s a msg I left myself. Hope you will try this? Might become a viral post. LOL. I can call it The Voices of Google Plus. Feel free to talk about anything you want (promote your website, send a shout out, say hi to everyone) but please keep it short and clean. Otherwise I’ll be forced to delete it, maybe laugh at it but I definitely won’t share it. Check out below.

So what do you say? Care to share you voice for the rest of us to hear ya? Here’s the number 561-299-0876 and please remember to leave a name for me to find you on Google+ or you can msg me directly letting me know you left a msg to make it easier to find you.

I will post the msgs the same way I posted mine above, right inside this post. Hopefully I can fit many depending on how many I get. Now let’s have some fun.

Find the msgs here:

Here's our first one from +Wayne Haskell