Thursday, December 1, 2011

Republican/Democrats – Who’s really to blame for our current chaos?

You know, once upon a time I use to enjoy a good political debate. I am a Conservative who leans Republican but at least I am willing to admit when we screw up. Do you? That is one of the biggest arguments I keep having online, especially on Google+.

We are currently is one of the worst financial disasters our nation has ever faced and still people who vote Democrat blame Republicans and people who vote Republicans blame Democrats. Apparently to many Americans are just too proud to admit when they are wrong and regardless if Bush might have started 2 wars, threw money at the very people who caused our current financial debacle thru “stimulus packages” and failed to keep the country from sinking, too many Republicans still blame Democrats for the cause of all this bullshit. But by the same token, Obama not only did not stop the 2 wars, he actually spent even more money on them, sent more troops and may now find himself having to face even more potential military situations. On top of that he also gave money to the same people Bush did thru a second “stimulus package”. And to top it off he promised he would fix everything, that he would not be like every other politician before him, that he would create jobs, fix the economy and bring us out of this hell hole we are in. So far the only thing he has accomplished is to pass the healthcare bill which every Democrat knows but refuse to admit that it too will contribute to our financial downfall. Yet Democrats blame Republicans for his failures while at the same time claiming he has not failed. It is frightening to see people so obsessed with their party of choice that they are willing to ignore all the mistakes their representatives make while at the same time criticizing and bashing those of the opposing party for doing the same.

When are we going to finally grow up and realize that we are all fucked not because of Republicans or Democrats but because of both. They both are responsible for the bullshit currently destroying this once great country. Republicans spend too much time blocking Democrat bills simply because they are submitted by Democrats and Democrats do exactly the same to Republicans. But as bad, as corrupt, as disgusting and criminal as these politicians are today and were in the past 3 to 4 decades, they pale in comparison to those who voted for them.

I was blown away by the idea that not only was I expected to vote for Obama because I am Hispanic which makes me a minority but because I am also (according to our Gov’t) poor. I am even more embarrassed to think that a lot Black people voted for him simply because he was Black. Are you serious? He could have been the worst person ever to have been voted for President and you voted for him simply because he was Black or simply because you were Hispanic and poor? Is our society that stupid that they would ignorantly pick a person to lead our country based on the Political party they represent, the color of their skin or how much money they promise you?

Have you ever sat there and wondered what would happen if our great society was to fall? If you could no longer jump on the internet from you expensive iPhone, from your fancy laptop or your really cool tablet without having half the net blocked because our Gov’t thinks we should only access what they deem acceptable; if you could not protest against your Gov’t without risking them killing you, your family and everyone else you know; if you could not afford to eat at those delicious restaurants, if your home had no A/C or even power and water? Well folks this is currently happening all around the world because the people of these societies who are suffering these problems are either too scared, too sick or hungry, too ignorant to know what to do or even to devoted to their religious beliefs to do anything about their problems. But many centuries ago a lot of people fought and gave their lives so that we could enjoy the status of “the most powerful country in the world” we either have or use to have (depends on your point of view). Historical documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were created so that we could have a society who was free from the tyranny of those who thought we had no rights unless they told us we did.

But look at us know. On the one hand we have those who used greed to create wealth and in turn create power they could wield thru this wealth and on the other we have those who use greed to take from others simply because they think because they are Americans they deserve to have everything too even if they did not earn it, failed to earn it or think they should have it regardless if they do more or less work than others. Everyone calls rich people greedy because they have lots of money but always want more, but it’s so ironic that although poor people obviously don’t have a lot of money, they too always want more. When was the last time you met someone who would refuse more money whether they already made lots of it or made just enough to get by? Who do you think are the ones buying all those iPhone 4S’, Amazon Kindle Fire's, iPad 2’s, Mustangs, Playstation 3’s,HD Tv’s, blueray players and movies, etc? Rich people only?

Greed, like death, does not discriminate. Rich or poor, Black or White, Hispanic or Asian, man or woman, child or adult; no matter what greed is part of all of us and given the chance, odds are most people would choose to be part of that 1% tomorrow even if today they despise them, call them criminals, want to shoot them and/or wish they would all go bankrupt.  That’s because, like peanut butter and jelly, greed and hypocrisy go hand in hand and if there was one thing that would at least describe most Americans is greed and hypocrisy. You need only to look at how they criticize politicians from across the isle for their stupid ideas while they ignore their own politicians who had the exact same ideas which they agreed with.

You know who is really to blame? We are. Republicans and Democrats. We are the idiots who not only vote for these corrupted politicians, who spend our, either, hard earned money or Gov’t given money on those same big corporations who are screwing us; but also who continue to stay ignorant and accept the status quo because we either think there is nothing we can do which is why we depend on the Gov’t or we don’t want to do anything to screw with the Gov’t who is currently helping us. Point your fingers all you want to Republicans and Democrats, but until you are able to look in a mirror and accept that this is mostly your fault (remember, a “Gov’t of the people, by the people, for the people”) all you are doing is creating more problems.

Vote Republican? Vote Democrat? How’s about we vote for the right guy/gal for the job instead?