Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why I can believe in God and science, a simple explanation

Ever sit down and try to explain to a person why you believe in God? Some would say that since you can’t see, hear or touch God, how can you believe God exist? While religion is based on faith so in a way you don’t need scientific evidence to prove God exist, sometimes science can be used to prove you can believe in God.


But then there are many things science can’t actually prove at this time, yet scientist believe they exist. Take life on other planets for example. Based on how things scientifically work on Earth, scientist assume there must be life somewhere else in the universe based on the concept that what makes life here (the elements and stuff) should work the same elsewhere. But we don’t know that, do we? So far we have yet to explore beyond the Solar System except with the Hubble Telescope and some satellites that have been sent out pretty far but not far enough. Yet some scientist believe still believe there’s life out there somewhere. They can’t see, hear or touch it, yet they believe it’s out there.

And what about “dark matter”? According to science, while it can not be seen, heard or touched, scientist still believe it exist. Interesting, isn’t it?

Its presence is inferred indirectly from the motions of astronomical objects, specifically stellar, galactic, and galaxy cluster/supercluster observations.

In other words, they can’t explain why certain astronomical things move but something is moving it so they suppose it must be “dark matter”. But they can’t prove it yet. For all we know
Black holes could fall under this same concept. While there may be a lot of compelling evidence that they exist, I have yet to see anything more than possible findings based on the evidence and not necessarily finding one and being 100% sure it’s a black hole.

Science is based a lot on hypothetical's and theories and while it may seem many things can be proved thru scientific research, one could accept that, like God, these things seem more based on faith that they exist as, like miracles, stories and books (such as the Bible), it's all based on the information at hand.

My Conclusion

In the end it seems that while they may differ on their opinions as to whether God exist or not, the scientist community and the religious community have one thing in common (besides being human), there are things neither one can conclusively prove but believe they exist none the less.

But, as I stated in the title, my explanation as to how I can believe in God while still believing in science is simple. I actually got this from a most unexpected place, a TV show where science and religion found harmony in a geeks head and heart. I may be told I can’t see, hear or touch God but I still believe he exist. By the same token, I can’t see, hear or touch an atom but I believe it exist as well. Sounds like a simple way to get a non-believer off my back.

What do you think?

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