Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Apple, another company dependant on peoples ignorance.

Apple StoreTime and again we see stories of the Apple iPod infamous “signal losing” problem where you simply hold the phone, as it was meant to be held, and all of a sudden the bars on your phone drop. Now, I have heard from many podcast and have read on many review sites how, while the bars go down, so far hardly anyone has had any dropped call issues. Even more it’s been reported that other phones such as the Palm Pre also has similar bar dropping issues if held in a certain way. The problem is that cell phone companies decided to put the cell antenna and now the WiFi antenna inside the phone as oppose to at the top as they use to, this puts the antennas in areas that can be blocked if covered by your hands making the bars go down.

But it’s not so much the bar dropping issue that is becoming the real issue with Apple now. The issue is how Apple handled the issue initially and how they are handling it now.

Just avoid holding [the phone] in that wayLink

Those were the words from Apple’s Chief Executive Steve Jobs. Don’t hold it that way. Seriously, is that meant to be a professional response to a possible problem with a new, very expensive I might add, gadget? What do they care? In an economy where nearly 10% of Americans are unemployed, people are buying iPhone 4s and iPads by the millions. Why? Because it’s the latest gadget. It doesn’t matter if it comes broken. And companies like Apple depend on this ignorance to not be questioned when such issues arise.

But, this does not end with the BS here. Apple goes one step further and admits there was a problem with the “formula” they used to calculate the bar signals. In other words the geniuses at Apple were able to create what is considered a fantastic OS (operation system) for the iPhone but were too stupid to realize they screwed up the signal bar formula? They really do believe we are stupid, that were are so dumb that we can’t figure out that they may have been tricking us by making this “faulty” formula so that it showed you having a good signal even when you actually didn’t.

It’s amazing how quickly Apple has reached Microsoft’s bullshit level; selling us second grade products making us their test subjects for their products. But Apple went even further by telling people that a simple case for the iPhone can resolve the signal issue. A case that cost $30.00. What, you screwed up the phone and expect people to fork up $30.00 more bucks to fix you mistake?

So how much longer will consumers continue to purchase second grade products sold as quality merchandise? Or are consumers really as stupid as these companies think they are? What do you think?

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