Friday, July 16, 2010

When regular coffee just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Ever since I started working for this company I found myself among the coffee drinkers of the world. With the kind of work done here you just have to have your cup of Joe every day, two in my case. Coffee is the life liquid of the average office employee. It’s not only relaxes you with the great aroma and flavor, it also keeps you up and it’s also a great break creator as every time you grab the cup for a sip you get to stop the monotonous work one does. Great to give the brain a moment to breath. But with time I came to realize just how terrible the free coffee provided by the company was. The flavor became sour and no amount of sugar in the coffee could mask the sour flavor. This became obvious when I started making coffee at home on the weekends. As I said before I never drank much coffee before I started working here a little over 4 years ago but now i like having some on weekend mornings as well. And man could I tell the difference between the coffee I got form the store and the coffee used at my job.

However I was lucky to find out I was not the only one who noticed this sour flavor issue with the company provided coffee. Some of girls at my job decided to start buying coffee on the side and make a put for themselves once in a while. eventually this group got bigger and eventually adopted the idea of making a club out of it. I saw a sign that asked people if they wanted to join the coffee club to enjoy flavored coffee but there would be a fee. At $5 a month you can’t beat getting coffee that tasted so much better than the norm. To go even further this club actually purchased flavored coffee from a distributor and the list of flavors was pretty big.

It was interesting to join the club as up to this point I am the only male member. I can’t help it, I like flavor in my coffee; anything from spice butter rum, cinnamon, mocha, vanilla and even chocolate; it all taste great. We are given a copy of the list to make suggestions every couple of months and they choose the ones more likely to be good. Of course it’s not always a guaranteed they will pick a good coffee, we have had a couple of “I don’t think so” flavors. I like to enjoy life, some people like beer, others like a good soda, juice or water. I like coffee while I work; it’s like a computer and a monitor, they just have to go together.

What about you? Do you like coffee? What kind do you like? Black, with milk, cream or powdered creamer? Sweet or just a touch of sugar? Coffee has so much variety it’s probably easier to figure out what toppings you want on your pizza. Share your choices, maybe I can be “influenced” to try a new flavor. I suggested Chocolate Cherry coffee; the name on the list reminded me of those chocolates with the cherry and rum flavor liquid inside it. It was a hit. For now, as the only guy in the group, I’ve decided not to make any more suggestions for a while, I just want to enjoy these 15 minutes of fame for a little longer. Besides, it’s a chance to show off with the girls that men too can make good choices. I’m a brave man for joining and surviving a club ruled by women and that’s probably why they like me so much. They are a great bunch and willing to tolerate me. That’s why I like all of them too.

I consider myself lucky. A man surrounded by ladies and drinking a great cup of coffee. Now that’s what I call being in good company. Here’s to all coffee lovers, cheers.

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