Saturday, August 31, 2013

Google+ Is Awesome Because Of The People On It

I figured my last post would be about the challenge itself. The challenge mentioned at the bottom of this post that Dustin W. Strout started today which was fun. I had never written that many posts to my blog in one day before. It definitely was a challenge and although the rules said they didn’t have to be perfect I still had to make them look good which is probably why I only made 4.

I wanted to thank Dustin and the other who started this challenge. I have always wanted to be a blogger but I always found reasons not to blog. Mainly because my posts hardly got any attention if any and sometimes I just didn’t know what to write about. Also I always figured my posts had to be long since it’s a blog after all but after this I realized that its not necessary. Perhaps I may find myself writing more now that I feel motivated by this challenge.

Here’s to livening up my blog. Thanks Google+ and thanks Dustin.

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