Monday, July 1, 2013

Incognito Mode, Because Privacy Is A Must


Enhancing Your Internet Experience

In this day in age browsing the Internet is a common thing and more often than not you are using a browser that is used by multiple people. But, you don’t always want others to know what you’re up to online.

Maybe, you are looking for that awesome Christmas gift for your kids, checking your email or looking for the perfect restaurant to propose to your significant other or... you like watching porn and you don’t want others to know where you have been on the computer. Of course, you could always erase the browser history, use an app like CCleaner to delete cookies and temp files and maybe even go as far as pretending it wasn't you. But maybe you can make it easier on yourself by using the Chrome browser and simply switch the tab to Incognito Mode. Here’s an easy way to do it.

With this extension its as easy as opening a new tab or an existing tab and clicking on the extension icon and voila, a new window opens and the tab is now in Incognito Mode. In this mode all extensions are disabled except those you select to run during Incognito Mode. Now when you browse the Internet any history and cookies created will automatically be erased the moment you close the browser and thus leaving no traces of your whereabouts. Bare in mind that this is only protection on a local level, websites can still track you and if you are on a network that logs every activity done on the Internet then this Incognito Mode will not block that either. This is only meant to protect your privacy on the browser itself.


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