Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Will You Really Miss The Windows Start Button In Windows 8?

windows 8Ok so it seems that regardless of the negative comments by most online people about Microsoft’s decision to eliminate the memorable Star Button and replace it with the new metro UI, Microsoft is not backing down on this move and instead is now providing reasons why they made the decision stating people were using the start button less on Windows 7.


The real question is will you really miss the Star Button? Ironically while Microsoft may be right that people have been using the Start Button less and less lately people still want it there because of the convenience of having it. Honestly I don’t see any valid reason to actually get rid of it all together even with the Metro UI. After all it’s my understanding that not only did Microsoft give us a normal Windows desktop but the Metro UI is meant to encourage developers to create apps specially designed to work with it. But since it’s pretty obvious not everyone will have a Metro based app by the time Windows 8 launches and it’s likely that not everyone will want to create one afterwards and it’s also likely that not every program will work well as a Metro app that one would have to assume that existing and future non-Metro UI software will need somewhere to be access from and while the Metro UI can be used in the same manner as the original Start Button is used now it would still make sense to have kept it because not everyone like an interface that completely changes the screen just to be able to run an app that will change the screen back.


However, since it’s pretty obvious Microsoft won’t be backing down anytime soon if ever maybe we should look towards the future and find an alternative to the Start Button and Metro UI such as Rocketdock, ObjectDock and other new apps people will eventually create not to mention possible fixes that will get rid of the Metro UI or at least make it less intrusive. We all know it will happen, people always find ways around this kind of stuff so I say lets just move on and find a way ourselves. After all, when Microsoft eliminated the Quick Links from the taskbar someone found a way to restore it. Maybe the same can be done with Windows 8. Who knows.