Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What do Facebook stocks and Facebook users have in common?

According to the article linked below it seems that Facebook’s stocks continue to drop but to add insult to injury it seems an analyst has discovered that Facebook users have also been on a decline. Sure it’s nowhere near what the stock is losing but considering the one thing every “Facebook vs Google+” critic has been Facebook’s huge user base, and also taking into consideration that Google+ is gaining more and more users every day, even a few defectors could mean a possible trend on Facebook.

But it’s not like Facebook has anything to do with it. It’s not like Facebook has been consistently messing with peoples private information, changing their emails without any warning, putting more and more ads within the users stream and trying everything possible to turn every Facebook user into a profit.

I am a loyal Google+ user and am not ashamed in any way to admit it. While I have had a Facebook account for a long time I barely visit the site once a day. I actually deleted my original account because I had too many people on my list although 150 people pales in comparison to my wife’s list but still it was a boring list of people who either posted nothing of interest or nothing at all and they interacted with me even less. I may as well have had no one on my list. I choose to delete the account, start a new one and only add family and a few friends, nothing more. The only real reason for having a Facebook account, besides my wife and kids, is because some websites require a Facebook account to register so I sometimes have no choice when i really need to use the website. Otherwise It wouldn’t be as active as it is now.

I have also notice quite a few Google+ users who have stated they ditched Facebook either completely or partially. I guess this analyst may be right. You know what they say about all good things, not that Facebook was good in my opinion but I digress.

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