Sunday, December 5, 2010

What If Santa Got You What You Really, Really Wanted?

Every year, for the past 20 years of my life I have never known what I was gonna get for Christmas. But I did know it was not what I would have truly wanted to get. It’s just the way life has been for me. We all wish “Santa” brought us those things we can’t afford thru out the year and most of us are smart enough to know it’s just not gonna happen. Others make the effort to get it themselves but in the end it wasn’t “Santa” who brought it.

But what if one Christmas you were there with everyone else opening gifts and all of a sudden there was a gift just for you that no one seems to claim it’s from them? You open the gift and there you see something that literally blows you away. It’s something you always wanted but just never could get and to be honest never expected to get. You question everyone but, again, no claims to be the one who got it for you. How great would this feeling be? Perhaps someone there did get it for you since we all know there is no such thing as Santa, but to think it happened, you got something you always wanted and totally unexpected. The last time you felt this way was probably when you were a child expecting that awesome toy or game that just came out and cool enough there it was, neatly wrapped under the Christmas tree delivered by the big guy himself.

Although after 20 years of hoping that maybe someday I might find a gift that would knock my socks off, blow me away or shock me so much I would, for the first time, have nothing to say; I have not lost hope that someday Santa will put a little gift under the tree with my name on it and as I open it wondering what color the shirt will be or what brand of cologne I’ll get I will find myself also wondering if I am still asleep dreaming that it finally happen as I look and find someone I have only dreamed of having.

Maybe someday Christmas will be more than just watching my kids enjoy their gifts, for now that’s good enough for me. What about you? Do you hope a miracle happens this Christmas and Santa brings you something you always wanted? You never know, miracles are known to happen this time of year, don’t lose faith.