Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chatterbox Dude Is Online And Ready To Blog Again

Hello all, this is Chatterbox Chuck. I just wanted to let you all know that I am back and ready to bring my new blog back to life.

I have been working very hard these past few days to make this site nice and a little less complicated than the last one. I won’t be porting my articles from before as I want to sorta start anew with a clean blog.

I have some old and new features on this site that I hope you all find useful and use. Please see the side bar for the many ways to follow me such as my Facebook page, Twitter and many more. Please remember to join my blogger page, Facebook Fan page and follow me on Twitter.

I also have a link back section and if you wanna talk to the Chatterbox Dude himself you can check if I am online with my Google Talk widget and don’t forget to subscribe to my RSS feed to keep up with my articles. I will soon add a Newsletter as another way to stay in touch with my readers. By the way, don’t forget to rate my articles with the widgets found on the sidebars of each articles and also share the articles with the social networks buttons on them.

So stay tuned as I start posting articles on my new blog and thanks for visiting and reading.