Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift Cards, Hallmark Of The “It’ Just Easier”

The holidays are here, scratch that, Christmas Time is here and the shopping season Image By DryIcons.comhas started. Traffic becomes a nightmare on weekends just to get the home basics as people spend tons of money many shouldn’t really be spending. But not everyone is out there creating the nightmares and spending time walking thru several isles at the stores looking for the perfect gift for those special someones. There are those who simply walk in, grab one or more of those pretty looking, fancy cards with major credit card or major dept store names and logos on them called Gift Cards. A gift you Image By The Chef Alliancedon’t even have to go to the stores they are for to get them; the local supermarket has them. So you can actually pick up a few from many stores, locally or online at the same time you’re getting that lbs or two of ground beef for those tacos you gonna make for dinner or maybe that box of garbage bags you ran out of or even those disposable feminine products you need. Would the phrase “It’s the thought that counts” be a legit thought when receiving one of these Gift Cards?

Look, I admit that not every person who gives gift cards as Christmas gifts is a lazy person. I can understand those that live far away that find it easier and cheaper to send a gift card thru mail than a big, bulky, heavy box, but I have an issue with people who give Gift Cards to others who they see daily or at least face to face. That is just shameful. Do we really not pay attention anymore to what other people like these days? Are we really so cheap that we would believe $20 is good enough for someone we care about as oppose to a gift that comes form the heart? Hell, if that’s what you think about our friendship, relationship or family bond then why wait till Christmas? Just give me $20 cash right now. I just don’t understand why anyone would give a gift card to someone who is close to them.

Christmas is just a few days away, make it worth while. Don’t give a gift card to someone. Go out, get in line, search the isle and find what you think is the right gift. It’s not always about whether it’s useful or not, it’s the thought that counts and trying to get something they might like is very thoughtful in deed.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Image By DryIcons.com