Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome to Common Sense Corner

Common Sense Corner

The Common Sense behind this corner

As part of a new plan for my blog to create specific section on my blog for specific topics (since I can’t seem to pick a single niche to stick with) hopefully to be posted consistently on specific dates, I’m glad to welcome you to “Common Sense Corner”. What is “Common Sense Corner”? I sometimes feel like I would like to point out to people some of the stupid things they do in their daily lives due to lack of Common Sense that always seem to disrupt everyone else's lives but they don’t seem to have a care in the world about it. These are things you obviously don’t do because it’s Common Sense not to. Most the time to avoid causing problems most of us tend to dismiss or try to get over these situations. But sometimes I just wish I could tell them off. That’s what Common Sense Corner will be for.

If there is one thing I have learned is that common sense really isn’t common at all. If anything the words are confusing to me. I’ll never understand why the average person just won’t do what is obviously the right thing and instead ignore common sense and do stupid things, things that could cause irritation on some people and eventually bring about chaos in some situations. Fair warning, odds are some people may get offended by my frustrations with peoples lack of common sense, but then odds these same people might relate to this annoyance. Too bad, maybe you’ll learn something and make common sense more common in your life.

Supermarket Isle Blockers

I swear I can’t figure out if they are just stupid or they do it on purpose, but there is nothing I despise more than the people who go to the supermarket and hog the entire isle while shopping. God forbid they considered that the isle was made wide enough to fit 2 shopping carts side by side, 3 if you are at Walmart, yet for some strange reason some people like parking their karts in an angle blocking the lane in both directions. Even funnier and stupider (is that a real word?) is when they are completely oblivious to the people who want to get passed them. As if what ever they are looking for in that isle is of such importance that they can not spare a moment to realize their stupidity and be considerate of the rest of the people shopping there.

While just today I had this happen. I went to the supermarket looking to buy an oven roasted chicken for dinner as it was late, we were tired and we just didn’t feeling waiting an hour or so for the chicken to cook. And there he was, a guy who decided to park his cart smack in the middle of an isle that could fit 3 carts side by side while he searched for the perfect package of freshly cook fried chicken. And here I was driving thru an obstacle course trying to get passed him so I too could grab today’s dinner. It was so simple, I got passed him and parked my cart to the side, out of the way. I went, looked at the chickens available and grabbed one. He was still deciding, not sure why, not like each pack was somehow different in any way. Go figure what people waste time on.

But just when you think this is bad, throw in the moron who parks his cart on the other side of the first idiot on the opposite side of the isle creating a double block which requires twice the “excuse me” request in order to get passed them.

Here’s my common sense people. If you have to go to the supermarket, be courteous and considerate. keep in mind you are not the only one shopping and most likely not the only one in a rush. Keep your carts to the side of the isle, try to know exactly what you want rather than spending 20 minutes making up your mind and more than anything, don’t park the cart smack in front of the shelf you are looking at because not only is your cart blocking one side of the isle, now you are blocking the other side. Play it smart, park the cart the same side as the item you are looking at and stand behind or in front of the cart as oppose to next to it, that way you leave space behind or next to you for other shoppers to pass by. Common sense people, common sense.

I’ll be (hopefully) posting Common Sense Corner articles every Thursday or every other Thursday so keep your eyes open and your feeds ready.

The Common Sense Corner, it’s obviously necessary.