Friday, August 13, 2010

Hey Chuck, where are your new articles?

After long summers like these (no, we don’t get pregnant every summer) I look forward to Christmas at the end of the year. All the lights, decorations, Christmas movies every day for 25 days straight and Christmas music on certain radio stations 24/7 truly make my winter holidays great, even if I’m broke before or during The holidays.


I have looked at my blog everyday for the past 2 weeks and realize I have done so little on it and I find this a bit frustrating. I started this blog with the intentions of posting articles as often as possible, at least 2 per week, but sometimes life just does not cooperate with how you want things done so you have no choice but to go with natures flow.

There are a few things that have kept me busy these past few week, some not so important, others very important. My wife is nearly 9 months pregnant so not only is her mood constantly changing on an hourly basis but she is also at that point where she is constantly tired and in pain which I understand. Poor woman is always laying down in pain as the baby seems to love to position himself in places that give her pain. he’s not even born yet and already being a pain. Winking

Then there’s the new school year which is about to start and I have yet to get any of my kids uniforms or supplies; this weekend will be murder for me. I’m not even sure if I have enough to buy 5 days worth of uniforms for 2 kids, their supplies and their shoes. You know kids these days, Payless stores are off limits when it comes to school shoes.

On top of all of this the apartment is a mess. I had (and still have a bit) a roach infestation in the kitchen which forced me to remove everything from every cabinet, do an extermination job of my own and then clean every shelf and every dish before putting them back. I still haven’t finished this project which I started a week ago. Oh, but lets not forget that now I have to do all the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, picking up the messes my kids do, fighting with them to pick up their stuff, making sure they take showers and go to bed early, cleaning the bathrooms, cooking most of the time and moving or carrying anything that weighs more than a gallon of milk. While I’m sure some of you out there (probably all of you) reading this think I should be doing this anyways, I am only human and my wife doesn’t do all these things by herself when not pregnant. But, it’s my duty and although I may have to endure this for at least another month as she recuperates from the surgery after the babies birth, hopefully things will get a whole lot better when she’s feeling better and when my mom finally moves in with us for a few months to help us out a bit.

I wish I could say this is the end of my list but there are still things that follow such as due to our work schedules and the locations when the kids are staying during summer vacation we don’t make it home till after 6:00 PM and then we have to start cooking. By the time I am done I’m exhausted, frustrated with my long day of work and my kids constant fighting and nagging. At this point I need some me time so I get on the computer, not to blog, but to play my online games and drown myself in the sound of machine guns shooting, helicopters flying above, grenades exploding and the voices of my online buddies yelling “I need help” , “die you bastard”. or “that is BS”. Talk about the best way to relieve your daily frustrations. Best therapy I get every night or so.

But, I promise once the baby is born, my mom is here, my wife is feeling better and my house manages to stay clean for more than 2 days, I will be dedicating more time (mostly while the baby sleeps) to create and post more articles for you to either enjoy, comments and debate or ignore, criticize and move on; either way I get noticed.
Who would have thought blogging would be so much work for a guy who is called a chatterbox. Chatterbox

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