Monday, April 8, 2013

Here's my article on the Drobo Mini because I wanna win a Drobo Mini from GeekBeat

OK so, one of my favorite online tech shows with my 2 favorite show host +Cali Lewis and +John Pozadzides are doing a give away of the Drobo Mini and in order to have 4 chances I have to share on Twitter, on Google+, on Facebook and also write a post on my blog.

Now, I haven't written a article on my blog for a long time but this seems like a good as time as any to bring it back to life considering I have been looking for a reason to do so.

Now lets see if this works, after all who wouldn't want to win a free Drobo Mini. This would be awesome for me. After all I was planning on starting a Youtube channel and I will definitely need the space to store my videos and what better way than with a Drobo Mini right?

If you wanna know what a Drobo Mini is and what it can do, check out the link at the end of this article for details from John's own blog.

So wish me luck. I hope to be a winner. Thanks.