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Notifications – Chrome Extensions For Google+

If you like being notified by G+ of comments made to you directly, post you made comments on, or on your own posts then Chrome has several extensions that will help make it easier to see them even when you are not on G+.

Due to recent updates on Google+ some of these extensions or features on the extensions may be broken or obsolete by the time this is posted so feel free to ignore those extensions or the feature that is broken or obsolete. Each extension has been linked to it’s page on the Chrome Webstore so you can check it out yourself.

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Notification Count for Google Plus
If you like to keep track of G+ notifications when not on G+ then perhaps you might find this extension useful. It simply put an icon on Chrome that shows your notification status count (as the name of the extension says) regardless if you are not on G+. However the extension has an annoying feature of showing a ? when I have zero notifications. I would prefer it showed a 0 or nothing at all. the extension does not seem to be working at the moment, perhaps it may be one of many extensions broken by G+’s recent updates. Considering the notification status is one of great debate over it’s annoyance and not-so-useful appearance on G+ to some, this may not be a very popular extension. None the less there will be some who may like it.
My rating: star_thumb[11]

GMail for Google Plus
Gmail for Google Plus is a very simple Chrome extension that puts a counter for your G+ gmail account right next to the gmail link on the Google nav bar. I like the fact that it also gives you sneak-peek access to the newest emails without having to open gmail thru a pop-up. A great addition if you like keeping track of your emails while on G+, especially if you have some G+ notifications still set via email.
My rating: star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]

A pretty good extension with some basic functions such as icon notification count, desktop notification and even the option to change the icon. The best features are the ability to share any webpage you are on right from the icon pop-up and also view any notifications and reply from the pop-up as well even when not on G+. A very useful extension.
My rating: star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]

Surplus Lite
As the name states, this is the Lite version of Surplus. It basically lacks most of the features of the original one only giving you the ability to check notifications from the icon. It’s meant to save on memory usage for those who want just this basic function.
My rating: star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]

G-Minus - Kynetx for Google Chrome (Warning)
An interesting concept, this extension is suppose to give you a heads up if someone has dropped you from one of their Circles by checking your Circled lists every time you open the browser to G+. At the moment I am unable to test this as I would have to wait to see if someone drops me, something I am not particularly looking forward to. Be warned, user comments on the extension page suggest this extension wants permission to access information not necessarily related to the features of the extension. At this point I choose not to test this extension and would advise everyone else to check the extensions page for the permissions requested by this extension before installing this just in case if you are truly interested in this extensions features.
My rating: star_thumb[11]

G+ Count Favicon
If you like staying on top of your G+ notifications but can’t always be looking at your G+ page, the this extension is for you. Stay on top of your notifications by putting them on the favicon, that way you’ll always know when you get a notification. Just remember to keep G+ open otherwise it won’t work.
My rating: star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]

Hide Google+ Notification
Now, if you don’t want any notifications at all, this extension is suppose to resolve this for you. Problem is, like many others, this extension is broken possibly due to recent G+ updates.
My rating: star_thumb[11]

Hide Google+ Notification
No, this is not a duplicate extension although the function is similar. This extension eliminates the G+ notification count but only on Google sites where the nav bar shows but it’s still displayed on G+. This is for those who don’t wish to be notified while on other Google pages.
My rating: star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]

If you gotta get your G+ notification fix even when not on G+, PlusNotifier will keep you up to date. Just keep an eye out for the icon on your Chrome browser to see if you got a notification.
My rating: star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]

Now this extension is definitely a must for anyone who not only likes G+ but Google products as well. This extension puts the Google nav bar on almost every webpage you go to giving you full access to everything Google, hence the name.
My rating: star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]

A rather interesting extension for people who use G+ at work. Keep that notification count off to avoid distractions and even put yourself on Busy with a simply click of the icon. To be honest, am not really sure if it’s working, can’t really tem. It may be broken by recent G+ updates. I’ll give it partial rating for this, just in case.
My rating: star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]star_thumb[11]

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