Friday, July 2, 2010

A fresh new start on an old hobby

Welcome to Chatterbox Chuck’s Blog. Thanks for reading my first article, I look forward to your comments.

I love blogging, there’s something about being able to express your thoughts in a way that you can say what you want and not have to truly deal with people on a face to face basis. Blogging allows you to say what you got to say without any interruptions and then you get to see how others respond to your comments. It also forces people to do more than just BS their way thru a debate since blogging gives you the ability to research opinions and either admit you were wrong or bust them up with proof to the contrary all on the spot.

Blogging is also a great way to not only tell people what you like and dislike but also find people who like and/or dislike the same things. It’s a way to make connections with people all around the world thru topics of interest, even if you opinion is not always in line with theirs. That is the fun of it; imagine living in a world where everyone liked the same things. There wouldn’t be much variety now would there? That is what I love about blogging the most, to be able to not only know what you know and believe what you believe, but to also know what other people know and what they believe. Sharing each others opinions and ideas is how things happens and that is one of my main goals when I blog. I want things to happen.

We can’t simply sit around and wait for the world to come to us, sometimes we have to go out there and get it ourselves. There’s no way of really knowing what lies thru that door if you don’t go thru it yourself. And you won’t be able to take in everything that lies past that door if you go thru by force, it has to be by choice.

Let’s take advantage of the freedoms we still have available to us and use it to shape the world the way it was meant to be shaped, the right way, thru our words and actions. Let’s show those who dare to take our freedoms from us that we will use the powers of blogging to fight back, to make a difference, to stand against tyranny and abuse, be it from our Gov’t, another country or even businesses. Let the power of blogging push the boundaries to their limits.

Let the blogging begin.

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