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The Contest that’s making me a Famous Blogger

You never know what you’ll find until you start looking

Famous Bloggers ContestTo make a long story short I had just started my new blog about a month ago and I needed some exposure in order to start and grow a readership. In the process of researching sites that could help expose my blog I came across this site called Famous Bloggers, a site where the owners are trying to make the site “a place for our members to find all high quality resources that will help you to start your blog and make money blogging” according to their about page. Famous Bloggers has tons of articles posted by bloggers from all across the Internet providing incredible tips on how to start, create, expose and grow you blog site and blogging skills. The coolest thing about Famous Bloggers, which is also the best thing about it, is that every article anyone submits to them and every comment made on any article gives the creator of the article and the people commenting (not to mention Famous Bloggers themselves) a chance to expose themselves and their blogs to everyone who visits the site and reads the articles and comments with links to their blogs and even links to their Twitter accounts.

As I browsed the site looking for new ideas and advise on how to make my blog and blogging skills better, I came across and article called The Biggest Internet Cash Contest in the History of Blogging, a Famous BloggersCommentLuv contest where members would submit an article based on specific topics in the contest rules and if approved would be posted on both sites so that members could read, learn and comment on the articles and eventually these articles would then be judged and the winners would earn prize money.

A leap of faith against all odds

I have to admit that when I first saw the article I was drawn in by the cash prizes which I have to assume Famous Bloggers were counting on. I was hesitant to actually submit an article and actually took me a week (I submitted my article just before the first deadline) to finally participate. The fear of rejection is what first kept me from participating but after reading some of the articles on the site I wasn’t so sure my blogging skills were good enough either. After much debate and watching the deadline date get closer and closer I finally decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Playing it save always kept me from getting hurt but it also kept me from getting better and learning new things.

Once I was convinced I started working on my article and submitted it to Famous Bloggers as per the contest rules instructions.  To my surprise I was looking thru my emails a few days after I submitted the article and found an email from CommentLuv stating that someone had made a comment on the article I had submitted for the contest titled Creating Articles That Encourage Comments. At first I was in shock my article had been accepted, I was participating in a real contest, I had a chance to win.

A Win-Win Situation

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I quickly went to check the article to read and reply to the comments. I was excited to see my article was being exposed for people to read and comment on a site with a huge audience and that I had a chance to win some prize money in the process. This is when I realized that although my article had just been posted, that the contest had just started and that the winners would not be announced till mid August, I had already been declared a winner. How, you ask? Simple. Having my article accepted and posted by Famous Bloggers basically stated I had good enough skills to be a blogger. The comments made on the article show that some people found my article interesting enough to read and comment on it.

Having my article posted on Commentluv and Famous Bloggers gave me a chance to expose myself and my blog to hundreds of readers. It also game me to opportunity to find other peoples blogs where I have found some great articles. having participated in this contest has given me more exposure in just a few weeks than I would have in months of posting articles on my blog and hoping it gets noticed. Although it would be nice to win the prize money, no matter the results this is a Win-Win situation, I have already won as I was able to accomplish more for my blog simply by participating. The learning experience, the tips I have found, the people I have met and the blogs I have found are worth more than any prize money this contest has. Of course winning the money doesn’t hurt either, I would see it as a bonus.

Come on ride the Famous Bloggers Train

If there was ever a site that I would recommend to anyone starting a blog or already having one, Famous Bloggers would be it. Thanks to them this Blogger Novice is a rising star on his way to becoming a ProBlogger.  So what are you waiting for? Hop on board and ride the Famous Bloggers train with us. If it worked for me, it can work for you. Like me, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Check it out and give it a try. You just might become one of many Famous Bloggers.

Oh, yea, one last thing. Visit my article Creating Articles That Encourage Comments, read it and comment on it. Help me win the contest. Thank you.

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